A Word from our Pastor

Whether you have arrived at this page by an accidental click of a mouse or by design you are very welcome and I invite you to take the opportunity to browse this Website of Kidderminster Evangelical Church.

As a local church we are a group of around thirty Christians who love and seek to serve Almighty God through faith in his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We do this in response to his great love and care for us.

We are far from perfect but we believe that the bible is God’s truth for the whole world. We have found that he makes himself known to us through the bible, making us new by his power and continuing to change us to be the people he designed us to be.

Our priority within the fellowship is to seek, in dependence upon the Holy Spirit, to hear, understand and apply the teaching of the bible to every area of our lives so that we might live to honour Jesus. We are also committed to the task of making known God’s call to all people to turn from living life for themselves and to trust and follow Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

We are an independent but mainstream Christian church with links through our membership of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) with many other like-minded bible churches across this country.

If you are unable to find here the information that you are looking for about this church or have further questions about the church or about the Christian faith please do e-mail me via the contact page on this site.

Do visit us at one of our Sunday meetings or other activities if you are visiting the area or live locally. We will give you a warm welcome if you are searching for meaningful answers to life or if you are a Christian looking for a church in which to enjoy the blessings of Christian fellowship and service together.

Philip Hearn